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PROJECT QUESTION: Concerning Panel R1 and other panels sheet pile wall area?

Question: Per page 364 of 463, Panel R1 is 204 feet-0 inches long and is 71.0 feet in height; the sheet pile wall area should be 14,484 sf instead of 5,916 sf as shown on page 364. A similar situation exists for the following panels: X14, P1, P2, P3, P4, R2, & R3.

Response: For Railroad corridor retaining walls X,P and R which include king piles interwoven with sheetpiling the wall depth reported is for king piles. The PZC 13 sheetpiling located between king piles only needs to be driven to a depth of 5 feet below finished grade. The area of sheetpiling in the tabulation is based upon this criteria. The panel area in the tabulation is the total face area for each panel including PZC 13 panel face area and PZC-B (W40 or W36) flange areas. Measurement and payment for Steel Sheetpiling (Permanent) Type 1 for these panels will be based upon the actual face area of PZC 13 sheets furnished and driven into place to a depth of 5 feet below grade. Sheets 351/463, 356/463, 359/463 and 364/463 have been updated to include notations to help clarify the tabulation and payment for these walls and will be provided in Addendum 3.