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PROJECT QUESTION: Steel Sheet Piling - Temporary Shoring

Question: In the Statement of Estimated Quantities, page 6 of 463, item Steel Sheet Piling (Temporary Shoring) has listed 5,000 SQ FT under the Roadway column. Please clarify where this quantity is supposed to be installed. We cannot find where this is in the plans.

Response: The Steel Sheet Piling (Temporary Shoring) item is included for temporary shoring for interconnect/meter structures, jacking pits, and city lift station to MCES forcemain structures (per footnote 54 on sheet 10). The 5,000 SF of this item included under the S.A.P. 027-701-017 Participating Roadway column is to accommodate the 2 jacking pits required for the watermain lowering under the BNSF corridor. The quantity provided is an estimate only, the final quantity will be based upon actual area of temporary shoring utilized for those jacking pits (above and below grade per the special provisions). Note that temporary shoring for bridge construction necessary to keep work within the construction limits is incidental to Item 2401.601 Structure Excavation. Any temporary shoring utilized for watermain construction is incidental to watermain items for which payment is made.