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PROJECT QUESTION - Item S-115, Page 186-S

Question: Item S-115, page 186-S, calls out this standard plate, 9350A swinging mailbox support. Is this standard language? Will the contractor be expected to change out existing supports and install these? The plans and proposal form include multiple items related to mailboxes.

Response: Item 2540.602 Furnish and Install Mailbox and Support (qty 10) is included for contingencies only (footnoted as such in the SEQ). If a mailbox is damaged or otherwise not able to be reinstalled, a new mailbox would be furnished and installed per this bid item which references MnDOT Standard Plate 9350A. We anticipate that most mailboxes will be managed by Item 2104.523 Salvage Mailbox and Support(qty 45), Item 2540 F&I Temporary Mailbox and Support and Item 2540.602 Install Mailbox (qty 45). All of these items are measured and paid for by the each.