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Note 1 on Sheet B4 indicates that the existing timber piles are to be removed. Can these be cut off in lieu of removal? If they have to be pulled, what does the pile void hole have to be filled with?

There must be some misunderstanding as I do not read the notes as you imply.

Note 1 on Sheet B4 states: "Expose existing timber piles within proposed abutment limits prior to placement of proposed H-piling."

Note 2 on Sheet B4 states: "Remove existing timber piles to Elev. 829.40 within proposed south abutment limits."

All existing timber piles that are within the limits of the proposed north and south abutment footing need to be exposed prior to placement of the proposed H-piling. The proposed H-piling will be driven around the existing timber piles.

No timber piles need to be removed completely.

Only the existing timber piles on the south will need to be cut-off at Elev. 829.40, as they would interfere with the proposed south abutment footing.