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PROJECT QUESTION- S-22.1 of the Special Provisions states....

S-22.1 of the Special Provisions states, ?The Contractor shall not be allowed to crush excavated pavement materials, for production of aggregate base, within the Project construction limits. The Contractor is responsible for securing all permits and approvals, from nearby Cities, for crushing operations.
Can the contractor ?crush? the excavated pavement materials if the materials are not stockpiled and crushed using traditional methods but rather ?crushed? using a mobile crusher.

This statement is written to prohibit crushing in the right of way/project limits. Based on the way this statement is written, crushing with a mobile crusher does not meet the specifications.
The intent of the statement is to have a contractor work with a property owner and the respective City to secure a nearby site for crushing if desired, but does not allow the activity within the project limits and right of way.