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Project Files 

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Released Plans
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 0623 Plan Sheets - JWC.pdf
 0623 Plan Sheets 001-024.pdf
 0623 Plan Sheets 025-045.pdf
 0623 Plan Sheets 046-074.pdf
 0623 Plan Sheets 075-099.pdf
 0623 Plan Sheets 100-114.pdf
 0623 Plan Sheets 115-129.pdf
 0623 Plan Sheets 130-144.pdf
 0623 Plan Sheets 145-164.pdf
 0623 Plan Sheets 165-184.pdf
 0623 Plan Sheets 185-209.pdf
 0623 Plan Sheets 210-234.pdf
 0623 Plan Sheets 235-259.pdf
 0623 Plan Sheets 260-284.pdf
 0623 Plan Sheets 285-395.pdf
 0623 Plan Sheets D1-D9.pdf
 0623 Plan Sheets E1-E5.pdf
 0623 Plan Sheets R01-R12.pdf
 0623 Plan Sheets S01-S15.pdf
 0623 Plan Sheets SS01-SS21.pdf
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 00ii_Electronic Bid Info.pdf
 00iii_Bid Submittal Documents.pdf
 01_Bid Rigging.pdf
 03_DIVISION A.pdf
 04_AA Plan.pdf
 05_Subcontractor Participation Form.pdf
 06_Employment Utilization Report.pdf
 07_Prompt Payment to Subcontractors.pdf
 08_State Wage Rates 12-6-13.pdf
 09_Truck Rental Rates.pdf
 10_Division S.pdf
 11_Division SS.pdf
 12_Application Forms for City Permits.pdf
 13_Contractor Safety Checklist.pdf
 14_Temporary Raised Pavement Markers (TRPMs).pdf
 15_NPDES General Permit.pdf
 16_NPDES Permit App and Coverage Card.pdf
 17_NPDES Permit Modification Form.pdf
 19_Shingle Creek Watershed Approval Letter.pdf
 20_Mini Plan Stage 1A.pdf
 21_1910 Fuel Escalation Clause.pdf
 22_Voluntary Response Action Plan.pdf
 23_2360 Plant Mixed Asphalt Pvmt Specs.pdf
 24_CEAM 2013 Standard Specifications.pdf
 25_Plastic Pipe Installation Requirements.pdf
 26_CEAM 2013 Supplemental Specifications.pdf
 27_JWC Special Provisions.pdf
 28_City of Robbinsdale Details.pdf
 29_Reinforcement for Concrete Steps Detail.pdf
 30_Water Distribution System Fitting Weights.pdf
 31_Watermain Insulation Detail.pdf
 32_Mpls Curb and Gutter.pdf
 33_City of Robbinsdale Electrical Specifications.pdf
 34_MNDOT Permit for use of Right of Way.pdf
 35_Mpls Park & Rec Board Const Permit Packet.pdf
 36_SALT - Schedule of Materials Control.pdf
 37_Abbreviations-Schedule of Prices.pdf
 38_Proposal Form for Electronic Bidding.pdf
 39_Non-Collusion Affidavit.pdf
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 0623_Full Proposal.pdf

Addendum Files

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Addendum 1 - 02/07/2014 
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 Addendum 1 - CSAH 9 - C P 0623.pdf
Addendum 2 - 02/14/2014 
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 CSAH 9 CP 0623 - Addedum 2.pdf
Addendum 3 - 02/20/2014 
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 0623 - ADDENDUM 3.pdf