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Project Files 

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Released Plans
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 9842 Construction Staging Sheets C1 to C10.pdf
 9842 Construction Staging Signal Plan Sheets S1 to S10.pdf
 9842 Construction Staging Signal Plan Sheets S11 to S20.pdf
 9842 Construction Staging Signal Plan Sheets S21 to S30.pdf
 9842 Construction Staging Signal Plan Sheets S31 to S40.pdf
 9842 Construction Staging Signal Plan Sheets S41 to S50.pdf
 9842 Construction Staging Signal Plan Sheets S51 to S60.pdf
 9842 Construction Staging Street Lighting Plan Sheets SL1 to SL8.pdf
 9842 Plan Sheets 1 to 63.pdf
 9842 Plan Sheets 64 to 118.pdf
 9842 Plan Sheets SS1 to SS15.pdf
 9842 Plan Sheets TC1 to TC 40.pdf
 9842 Plan Sheets W1 to W6.pdf
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 9842 1910 Fuel Escalation Clause.pdf
 9842 2360 Plant Mixed Asphalt Pavement - HC Website.pdf
 9842 Application Specs for ConventionL Pavement Marking Materials 3 Minute Dry Alkyd and High Solids Latex.pdf
 9842 Approved Construction plans for Lehmans Garage.pdf
 9842 City of Minneapolis Asbestos Abatement.pdf
 9842 Consent to Enter and Waiver of Trespass.pdf
 9842 Construction Contingency Plan - Lyndale 56th to Minnehaha.pdf
 9842 DIVISION A - CSAH 22.pdf
 9842 DIVISION S - CSAH 22.pdf
 9842 DIVISION SL - CSAH 22.pdf
 9842 DIVISION SS - CSAH 22.pdf
 9842 INDEX - CSAH 22.pdf
 9842 MN Labor and Industry Prevailing Wages for Highway and Heavy Construction.pdf
 9842 MPCA - Application for General Stormwater Permit for Construction Activity.pdf
 9842 Minneapolis Park Board Permit.pdf
 9842 Minnehaha Creek Watershed District Permit.pdf
 9842 Miscellaneous Vegetation Sheets.pdf
 9842 Notice to Bidders - Prompt Payment to Subcontractors.pdf
 9842 Notice to Contractors - Online Access to Documents.pdf
 9842 Phase I Environmental Site Assessment.pdf
 9842 Phase II Environmental Site Assessment.pdf
 9842 SCHEDULE OF PRICES Abbreviations.pdf
 9842 Specification No 1 Patterned Preformed Pavement Marking Tape.pdf
 9842 Specification No 3 High Durability Preformed Pavement Markings.pdf
 9842 Specification for Drop on Glass Beads.pdf
 9842 Specification for Epoxy Resin Pavement Markings.pdf
 9842 Stipulation for Foreign Iron or Steel Materials.pdf
 9842 Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan.pdf
 9842 Temporary Raised Pavement Markers.pdf
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 9842 Bidders Notice - Signature Page.doc
 9842 DIVISION S-85 - Web address for Radical Truncated Domes.doc
 9842 HC Proposal Signature Page.doc
 9842 NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS - Access Plan Support Documents.doc
 9842 Proposal Form for Electronic Bid Submittal.doc

Addendum Files

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Addendum 1 - 11/22/2011 
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 CP 9842 Addendum 1.pdf
Addendum 2 - 12/01/2011 
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 CP 9842 Addendum2.pdf
Addendum 3 - 12/02/2011 
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 CP 9842 Addendum 3.pdf