C.P. 1605; eGram Project ID 2160500

BIDS CLOSE July 12, 2016



Electronic bids for the above referenced project will be accepted through Hennepin County's online electronic bid system (eGram)

until 2 p.m., Tuesday, July 12, 2016, at which time they will be publicly opened at the Hennepin County Purchasing and Contract Services office, A-1730 Government Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55487-0175.


LOCATION: CSAH 19 in the City of Orono 

The major items of work are approximately:


1 ls mobilization, 1 ls clearing and grubbing, 116 lf remove pipe culverts, 547 lf remove bituminous curb, 683 sy remove bituminous pavement, 1 ea remove pipe apron, 1,153 lf sawing bituminous pavement (full depth), 2 ea salvage sign type c, 308 cy common excavation, 10 cy aggregate surfacing class 2, 12 hr street sweeper with broom, 11 mgal water, 164 cy aggregate base class 5, 55 gal bituminous material for tack coat, 241 ton various bituminous mixtures, 3 ea RC pipe apron, 1,199 lf RC pipe sewer design 3006, 36 lf construct drainage structure, 7 ea casting assembly, 1 ea adjust frame and ring casting, 41 cy random riprap class 3, 1 cy granular filter, 99 sy geotextile filter type 4, 692 lf concrete curb and gutter, 23 lf concrete curb, 8 sy 6" concrete driveway pavement, 26 sy 9" concrete valley gutter, 2 ea install sign type c, 50 lf silt fence, 6 ea storm drain inlet protection, 816 lf sediment control log, 95 lb fertilizer type 3, 90 cy common topsoil borrow, 16 lb seed mixture, 1,057 lb hydraulic reinforced fiber matrix, 2 mgal rapid stabilization method 3, 1,135 lf 6" solid line epoxy ground in, all in accordance with the specifications and bid forms.


All project plans, specifications, instructions for bidders, the bid form and all other requirements are available at 


The advertisement for this project may also be viewed at the Minnesota Department of Transportation State Aid for Local Transportation eAdvert web site and at the Hennepin County web site at under "Road and bridge construction."



Hennepin County

Kelly Agosto