Hennepin County, MN

County Project

CLOSING DATE: Tuesday, August 14, 2012



NOTICE is hereby given that SEALED BIDS will be received by the Hennepin County

Purchasing and Contract Services Division, A-1730 Government Center, Minnepolis, MN 55487 until 2 P.M. on ,<[Tuesday, August 14, 2012]>, for the following project:


STATE AID PROJECT NO. <[027-030-027]>


LOCATION: <[CSAH 9 and CSAH 152 (C.P. 1122)]>


TYPE OF WORK: <[Pedestrian Ramp Retrofits in the City of Minneapolis]>




The major items of work are approximately:


<[1 lump sum mobilization, 2,260 lf pavement marking removal, 2,454 lf remove curb and gutter, 1,127 sf remove bituminous walk, 18,098 sf remove concrete walk, 1 eash remove light base foundation, 2 each remove signal base, 28 each salvage sign type C, 2,618 lf remove and replace bituminous pvement, 10 hr street sweeper with broom, 26 each drill and grout reinforcement bar, 19 each adjust frame and ring casting, 20,036 sf concrete walk, 2,454 lf concrete curb and gutter, 1,529 sf truncated domes, 70 lf 3" non-metallic conduit directional base, 1 lump sum traffic control, 28 each install sign type C, 17 each adjust handhole, 1 each install pedestrian pole, 12 each splice loop detector, 18 each saw cut loop detector, 245 lf 2" non-metallic conduit, 400 lf 1/c #8, 1,110 lf 2/c #14 SH, 94 each storm drain inlet protection, 78 each site restoration, 3,795 lf solid line white paint, all in accordance with specifications and bid forms available from A-1730 Government Center and the eGram web site.]>



Bidders have the option to bid this project by submitting either an electronic bid or a paper bid.


To submit an electronic bid, obtain plans and proposals (including the electronic bid form) through the eGram web site https://egram.co.hennepin.mn.us/.


To submit a paper bid, obtain plans and proposals (including the bid forms) from the Hennepin County Purchasing office.  However, not all project information is available in the paper plans and proposals.  The paper plans and proposals refer bidders to the eGram web site for some of the project documents.


Proposals, Plans and Specifications are available at: Hennepin County Purchasing and Contract Services Division A-1730 Government Center,  300 S. Sixth Street, Minneapolis, MN 55487  Phone: 612-348-3181 ,  Cost - <[$40.00]>(Refundable per A-1 of the Special Provisions).  Checks and money orders only; make payable to "Hennepin County Treasurer".


Paper bids must be sealed, identified on the envelope and accompanied by a Bidder's Bond or Certified Check in an amount equal to at least <[5%]> of the total bid made payable to the Treasurer of Hennepin County.  Electronic bids shall be as required in eBidVault and the specifications.


The County reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive any irregularities thereof.


<[Jerry G. Mortenson]>

Hennepin County

<[Specification Engineer]>