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11/29/2018 9:47 AMPROJECT QUESTION: : In the description of the dirt work for alternate #2 on sheets 26 and 28, 3.1 says to add topsoil borrow to achieve the median section as detailed on sheet 48. It appears this sheet reference may be incorrect, which detail on which sheet does this refer to?Johnston, Judith L
11/29/2018 9:46 AMPROJECT QUESTION: : S-57.2 (2571.3.K.1) Establishment Period requires application of type 3 fertilizer ‘in early May.’ Is this to be applied in May of 2019 during installation or only in May of each of the three years of the plant warranty? The bid quantity appears to only be for 2 years of application.Johnston, Judith L
11/29/2018 9:45 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Is the ‘extended plant warranty’ pay item intended to pay for all three years of the plant warranty or just the final year?Johnston, Judith L
11/29/2018 8:55 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Please confirm that the loam topsoil borrow quantity is correct, and where this is to be used. It appears that no topsoil will need to be added to the medians, just removed (through the common excavation item) to accommodate amendments and mulch.Johnston, Judith L
11/29/2018 8:54 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Please confirm that the common excavation is correct. It appears that the common excavation item is to be used to remove soils to accommodate the soil amendments and mulch, but the quantity of common excavation is higher than the total of the soil amendments and mulch.Johnston, Judith L
11/29/2018 8:52 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Alternate #1 will require additional excavation to accommodate wood mulch being installed in the added planting beds, but no common excavation bid item was provided in this alternate. Will this be paid for through the base bid pay item or will an alternate bid item for common excavation be provided?Johnston, Judith L
11/29/2018 8:50 AMPROJECT QUESTION: The bid form has only #1 Cont. Perennials and #3 Cont. Shrubs, but the plant schedules on sheets 15-29 show #3 Cont. Perennials and #5 Cont. Shrubs. Please confirm which size is correct.Johnston, Judith L
11/29/2018 8:48 AMPROJECT QUESTION: S-60 (2574) Soil Preparation requires soil amendments installed in two separate 6 inch lifts. This does not appear to be a cost effective way to install the amendments and it would add to the risk of damage to the existing roadway, utilities and trees. Can this requirement be removed from the specifications?Johnston, Judith L
11/29/2018 8:45 AMPROJECT QUESTION: The ‘typical median section’ detail shows the finish grade in medians being crowned at 8%. This would require adding soil within the driplines of and on top of the roots of trees in the median, which would be detrimental to their health. Please confirm that the county is requiring this crowning despite its potential for harm to the existing trees.Johnston, Judith L
11/29/2018 8:43 AMPROJECT QUESTION: The ‘typical dripline installation’ detail on sheet 50 of the plans shows the dripline being buried in amended soils. Typically dripline is installed above any soils and directly underneath mulch. Is installing dripline above soils directly under the mulch acceptable?Johnston, Judith L
11/19/2018 8:51 AMPROJECT QUESTIONSJohnston, Judith L
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