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07/08/2016 9:01 AMSubject: Pre-Bidding Conference ClarificationJohnston, Judith L
07/08/2016 8:08 AMPROJECT QUESTIONSAgosto, Kelly
07/07/2016 1:19 PMSUBJECT: PRE-BIDDING CONFERENCEJohnston, Judith L
07/07/2016 9:52 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Addendum 2 mentions the bid bond being 5 percent of $500,000.00. Johnston, Judith L
06/28/2016 2:17 PMPROJECT QUESTION: Can the max contract amount be provided?Johnston, Judith L
06/28/2016 2:16 PMPROJECT QUESTION: Will storage of materials be allowed at Hennepin County facilities?Johnston, Judith L
06/28/2016 2:16 PMPROJECT QUESTION: : Can you clarify which roadway segments require dust control? Johnston, Judith L
06/28/2016 2:15 PMPROJECT QUESTION: How much night work is anticipated?Johnston, Judith L
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