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03/28/2017 12:39 PMPROJECT QUESTION: Some Bid Items paid as Lump Sum are shown in the Bid Tab as 1+1=2, while the Plan SEQ indicates for the same Bid Item that 0.4+0.6=1 (example only). Which governs?Trboyevich, Jessica J
03/28/2017 12:36 PMPROJECT QUESTION: On sheet BP35 of the Portland Plan there is a 7/8? measurement on either end of the precast panel. What is that for?Trboyevich, Jessica J
03/27/2017 8:02 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Should the quantity for the 12 inch watermain bid item have more footage than the 12 inch encasement item? Johnston, Judith L
03/27/2017 7:59 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Looking at the standard plans and the bid tabs for both Portland and Cedar with respect to the Bid item Select Granular Mod 10%, the quantity appears for the roadway core. Is there incidental Select Granular Mod 10% required for backfill of bridge abutments per standard plan 5-297.233 (bridge abutment approach treatment) for (Cedar, Portland, or both) or would the abutments be backfilled with previous excavated material.Johnston, Judith L
03/24/2017 9:07 AMPROJECT QUESTION: The contractor is responsible for the design of the micropiles. A LRFD Factored Design Load has been provided, and is listed as a compression load. Do the micropiles also have to be designed to resist any lateral or moment loads?Johnston, Judith L
03/23/2017 11:07 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Can the vertical elevation of the watermain relocation be modified from the plans by the contractor (through a submittal process) - long as 8 feet minimum of final cover is established over the pipe in all areas?Johnston, Judith L
03/23/2017 11:03 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Could you please provide any information to which specific utilities will be relocating?Johnston, Judith L
03/22/2017 2:00 PMPre-bidding Meeting SummaryJohnston, Judith L
03/22/2017 9:44 AMPROJECT QUESTION: How can I access the electronic bid form without logging into bidVAULT?Johnston, Judith L
03/22/2017 9:25 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Is the requirement in Item 5 of Addendum 1, that the trail detour can only be in place for a maximum of 5 consecutive calendar days, correct?Johnston, Judith L
03/07/2017 2:08 PMPROJECT QUESTIONSJohnston, Judith L
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