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01/23/2018 10:00 AMProject Question: Please explain why there are 2 message board bid items?Heinonen, Neil
01/22/2018 2:51 PMProject Question: Temporary PavementHeinonen, Neil
01/22/2018 2:43 PMProject Question: mailbox support itemHeinonen, Neil
01/22/2018 2:41 PMProject Question- mailbox support itemHeinonen, Neil
01/22/2018 2:38 PMProject Question: Does the 4? Perf TP Pipe Drain need fine filter aggregate around pipe?Heinonen, Neil
01/19/2018 5:04 PMPROJECT QUESTION- S-22.1 of the Special Provisions states....Heinonen, Neil
01/19/2018 11:16 AMPROJECT QUESTION: The soil borings do not show any concrete on the mainline. What does the Remove Pavement item entail?Johnston, Judith L
01/19/2018 11:14 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Plan page 82, the Staging Typical Section Stage 1 shows widening and Inset J. Within this typical, the bottom of the aggregate base shows a solid line and a dashed line underneath the existing pavement. Does the gravel underneath the existing pavement need to be removed and new gravel placed?Johnston, Judith L
01/18/2018 9:42 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Will CSAH 112 be closed to through traffic during clearing and grubbing work?Johnston, Judith L
01/18/2018 9:41 AMPROJECT QUESTION: On sheet 111 of 285 there is a tree on south side of grubbing area and ROW marked for removal on plan. Is that tree the large 50 to 60 inch Cottonwood by power lines?Johnston, Judith L
01/16/2018 3:52 PMPROJECT QUESTION: Is the class 6 under the sidewalks, driveways and trail incidental to the walk and trail bid items or is the quantity included in the class 6 bid item?Johnston, Judith L
01/12/2018 2:53 PMPROJECT QUESTION: What Pay item is the Temp Pvmt Marking getting paid for in the temp traffic control plans?Johnston, Judith L
12/26/2017 3:55 PMPROJECT QUESTIONSJohnston, Judith L
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