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04/07/2016 4:45 PMAddendum 4SUPPORT, RTVISION
04/07/2016 4:44 PMAddendum 3SUPPORT, RTVISION
04/07/2016 4:37 PMAddendum 2SUPPORT, RTVISION
04/07/2016 4:31 PMAddendum 1SUPPORT, RTVISION
04/07/2016 4:28 PMProposal FilesSUPPORT, RTVISION
04/07/2016 4:22 PMPlan SheetsSUPPORT, RTVISION
10/21/2014 8:26 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Re: 2545.509 - Conduit System (Signals) work - Do these two pipes run from the handhole on one side of the bridge to the handhole on the other side and no cabling and no connection to the signal system?Johnston, Judith L
10/20/2014 11:33 AMPROJECT QUESTION: We have a unit price of item no. 124 2545.509 - conduit system (signals) - but I am not finding any work associate with a conduit system for signals? Where is this work shown or specified?Johnston, Judith L
10/15/2014 7:38 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Additionally we do not think you have accounted for the weather and duration contingencies per MnDOT standard specification 1803.2.C. Based on our analysis which includes the contingency requirements and achievable durations we do not think the work required during the ABC period can be completed. What contingencies has Hennepin County included in the ABC period duration?Johnston, Judith L
10/15/2014 7:37 AMPROJECT QUESTION: We have analyzed the work to be completed during the ABC Construction period, June 8, 2016 to August 31, 2016, using a resource-loaded CPM schedule. We do not think the productions shown in the assumptions on page B10 are achievable. What historical data was used to determine the production rates listed? Johnston, Judith L
10/14/2014 3:05 PMPROJECT QUESTION: This same section - S-37.1.G - calls out that if additional pushbutton stations are needed that they would be paid for under 2565.602, pedestrian pushbutton station, but there is no unit listed with this name or number?Johnston, Judith L
10/14/2014 3:04 PMPROJECT QUESTION: S-37.1.G discusses pedestrian signal systems, but none are shown on plan nor does the spec call out the scope of the work. Is there a pedestrian signal system and if so what is the scope of the work?Johnston, Judith L
10/14/2014 11:15 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Can the precast ornamental panels be cast in three separate pours, i.e. bottom horizontal, vertical picket section, top rail? The only supplier that we are aware of has stated that a full height rail section pour will not provide an acceptable product to meet the project specifications.Johnston, Judith L
10/14/2014 11:12 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Plan sheets TC 10-TC 17 have barrier notes with and without fence non-anchored, only 230 LF and 185 LF of un anchored barrier in the bid schedule. Is the anchored barrier in the bid schedule for any barrier across the bridge? There are no notes in the TC plans for anchored barrier.Johnston, Judith L
10/14/2014 11:11 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Portable precast concrete barrier quantities both anchored and non-anchored are different from the plan sheets to the bid schedule.Johnston, Judith L
10/14/2014 11:06 AMPROJECT QUESTION: There does not seem to be a bid item for the debris containment system for the repair of concrete or the painting, will there be a bid item for this?Johnston, Judith L
10/10/2014 9:29 AMPROJECT QUESTION: The lighting feeds are fed with No. 8 copper USE cable and the overcurrent protection for these circuits is a 60A CB. The NEC states that the max ampacity of No. 8 USE would be 40A. Is this not a violation of the NEC?Johnston, Judith L
10/10/2014 9:27 AMPROJECT QUESTION: For the embedded stainless plate in the cap beams and the precast panels they are called out as continuous. Can these be supplied and cast in 4 or 5 foot sections or do they need to be welded together at 65-75 feet long before casting in?Johnston, Judith L
10/10/2014 9:27 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Can the Pre-Letting Conference Sign-in be provided?Johnston, Judith L
10/10/2014 9:25 AMPROJECT QUESTION: What are the finish and flatness tolerances required for the cap beam and deck slab plates? This will also impact what lengths can be supplied, if machined or polished surfaces are required on the deck slab plate surfaces in contact with the PTFE.Johnston, Judith L
10/10/2014 9:23 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Related to the question earlier regarding 3Y GROUT, please provide a mix design and specification for this material; it is not included in standard spec. 2461. Also, the answer stated that the compressive strength needs to be 4000 psi before deck panel placement; what?s the anticipated duration for this 3YGROUT to obtain 4000 psi?Johnston, Judith L
10/10/2014 9:20 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Per addendum 1, the contractor shall provide an all Risk - Builders Risk policy and includes language that states - The policy shall cover ensuing loss from any design defect. A builders risk policy is not intended to cover professional liability in the case of construction defect or errors and omission claims so coverage is excluded for any loss associated with design. Based on this, the current language as presented is an uninsurable risk under a Builders Risk Policy. Please clarify if you are requesting professional insurance for any ensuing loss coverage as a result of any design performed by the contractor?Johnston, Judith L
10/10/2014 9:19 AMPROJECT QUESTION: The No. 8 finish is difficult to attain, as there will be minor pitting I am told. How critical is this?Johnston, Judith L
10/10/2014 9:18 AMPROJECT QUESTION:We are having difficulty finding a stainless steel supplier that can meet the specifications/details. Did the designer have a supplier pre-qualified or one who helped in the design?Johnston, Judith L
10/10/2014 9:17 AMPROJECT QUESTION: On sheet B140, the detail indicates, shows a bend in the edge of the plate. Is this detail applicable to every closure, on every precast cap? Would a radius on the plate be an acceptable method in lieu of the bend? Does this detail not induce point loads?Johnston, Judith L
10/10/2014 9:16 AMPROJECT QUESTION: The issue of the recess is also a major issue, as any recess in the plate will cause warping or bowing. I still need clarification on this detail.Johnston, Judith L
10/10/2014 9:15 AMPROJECT QUESTION: The specs and plans say the PTFE material must be recessed into the plate on the cap for half its thickness and glued. If the plate spans the entire top of the cap, does this essentially mean the cap is 0.125-inch shorter? What recess is it referring to?Johnston, Judith L
10/10/2014 9:14 AMPROJECT QUESTION: The detail on sheet B139 appears to indicate that the stainless steel plate cast in the deck panels is proud, projects out from the concrete surface. Is this the intent? This is difficult, and may be unnecessary. Flush with the bottom surface of the panels seems what is intended by the owner.Johnston, Judith L
10/02/2014 2:53 PMPROJECT QUESTION: Plan sheets B75 and B79 show concrete removal. Where is this removal paid? Is a portion of it Wingwalls that is included in - Remove Concrete Bridge Deck - , and the remainder in - Remove Concrete - ? Can you please provide a CY breakdown of the concrete shown on these sheets?Johnston, Judith L
10/02/2014 2:51 PMPROJECT QUESTION: Plan sheets TC12-TC15 state that access gate is incidental, yet there is a bid item for vehicle gate double. Are these the same gates?Johnston, Judith L
10/02/2014 2:47 PMPROJECT QUESTIONS: Can the Precast Ornamental Railing be constructed as a cast-in-place railing?Johnston, Judith L
10/02/2014 2:47 PMPROJECT QUESTION: Junction box special - Sheet SL-5 calls out a polymer concrete junction box and notes the minimum size as 10-foot L x 4.5-inch H x 4-inch D. the spec section SB-25 specifies that all sidewall or flush mounted junction boxes must be removable flange galvanized cast iron with checkered cast iron covers. Are the boxes to be polymer or cast iron?Johnston, Judith L
10/02/2014 2:45 PMPROJECT QUESTION: Is the conduit for the 1340 electrical light system (navigation) only the pipe that is not part of the lighting system, and used exclusively for the navigation lighting? If so what type of product? PVC, RMC, PVC coated RMC?Johnston, Judith L
10/02/2014 2:44 PMPROJECT QUESTION: Is the 2-inch conduit feeding the lights and navaids to be PVC/RMC or just rigid metal conduit. Note that the plans sheet SL5 calls out RMC and the specification section S-2.4 calls out Metallic conduit under A.2 and A.3 calls out PVC/RMC. What style of pipe is required for the following? a. 1240 conduit system signals, b. 1280 2-inch Rigid Metal Conduit c. 1340 electrical light system.Johnston, Judith L
10/02/2014 2:42 PMPROJECT QUESTION: Also note that the plan sheet SL5 shows flex running down and up from the j-box but does not call out for flex where the 2-inch rigid metal conduit (is this to be PVC/RMC?) and no request for an expansion joint as it passes from the deck to the pilaster. Is there a need for an expansion joint as the 2-inch passes from the slab to the pilaster?Johnston, Judith L
10/02/2014 2:39 PMPROJECT QUESTION: Specification section SB-25 calls out for expansion/deflection fittings in accordance with 3839 except for areas where more than 4 in. of movement. What joints need more than 4 in. of movement?Johnston, Judith L
10/02/2014 2:38 PMPROJECT QUESTION: Item 2402.546 Floor Drain Type B701 has a quantity of 4 each. See B186 shows 8 floor drains. Should the Bid Item be revised to 8 or are 2 drains to be priced for each system?Johnston, Judith L
09/17/2014 3:29 PMPROJECT QUESTION: Is a Contractor?s License required in the state of Minnesota for DOT/Public Works Roadway-type work?Johnston, Judith L
09/17/2014 2:48 PMPROJECT QUESTION: S-93 Pavement Marking Special ? requires green epoxy. Epoxy manufacturers do not make small batches of special colors of epoxy (think on the order of 400 gallons or more). Can Premark be used instead?Johnston, Judith L
09/17/2014 2:47 PMPROJECT QUESTION: See page B89, note 8 under the SUGGESTED CONSTRUCTION SEQUENCE: Is the grout noted in this comment to be the MnDOT 3A GROUT as specified in the special provisions section SB-14.1.B.3? What is the compressive strength requirement for this grout prior to deck panel placement on the pier caps?Johnston, Judith L
09/17/2014 10:51 AMPROJECT QUESTION:: Do we need to be prequalified in order to bid this job as a subcontractor? (We would be bidding the Polyester Concrete Overlay)Johnston, Judith L
09/16/2014 10:28 AMBid opening date changed to October 14, 2014Loos, Wayne M
09/16/2014 10:16 AMTemporary precast siteLoos, Wayne M
09/10/2014 8:03 AMPROJECT QUESTION-Is Phase 1, Stage 1 an acceptable winter condition?Johnston, Judith L
09/10/2014 8:02 AMPROJECT QUESTION-How will the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board project on West River Parkway affect the use of bohemian river flats?Johnston, Judith L
09/04/2014 1:15 PMPre-Letting ConferenceLoos, Wayne M
08/22/2014 11:39 AMPROJECT QUESTIONSJohnston, Judith L
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