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09/30/2016 9:47 AMPROJECT QUESTION: How do we price the 2,880 sf of waterproofing membrane? Do we assume it is not there?Johnston, Judith L
09/30/2016 9:45 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Is the assumed below grade waterproofing identified in the Limited-Destructive Asbestos and Regulated Materials Survey Report adhered to concrete?Johnston, Judith L
09/30/2016 9:43 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Standard Plan 5-2972.33 sheet 1 of 2 shows the extent of Select Granular material modified 10 percent for bridge abutments. Our assumption is that the sand backfill needed for abutments is accounted for under the Select Granular 10 percent modified bid item and is not incidental to 2401.6010077 FOUNDATION PREPARATION SOUTH ABUT and 2401.6010078 FOUNDATION PREPARATION NORTH ABUT? Can you please clarify?Johnston, Judith L
09/27/2016 2:22 PMPROJECT QUESTION: Which page in the staging plans shows cut lines for the piers and abutments?Johnston, Judith L
09/27/2016 2:18 PMPROJECT QUESTION: In Table 1 - Asbestos Inspection Results of the Limited-Destructive Asbestos and regulated Materials Survey Report, there is one item listed 2,880 sq ft of Assumed ACM in the Below Grade Waterproofing. Please clarify where this material is located. If this material is adhered to concrete it is nearly impossible to estimate the cost of disposal of the contaminated concrete that will result from this material. Is Hennepin County willing to pay for any assumed ACM by force account?Johnston, Judith L
09/21/2016 1:46 PMPROJECT QUESTIONS; Just curious being that it?s allowed to process and haul the bridge demo on site, the cost to saw cut the bridge into pieces, and bring in much larger cranes to raise and lower the pieces is incredibly more expensive for a bridge that small so I guess my question is-Will the owner accept other methods of removing the existing bridge?Johnston, Judith L
09/20/2016 9:00 AMPROJECT QUESTION: SB-12 requires the contractor to saw the concrete beams, superstructure, and piers into panelized sections and lowered to the ground for removal. Once on the ground, can the contractor break the concrete on site and haul off the rubble?Johnston, Judith L
09/20/2016 8:58 AMPROJECT QUESTION: For bid item Structural Tube Railing Design T-1 the plans show a quantity of 494 LF but the quantity in the Egram bid proposal the quantity is 115 LF. Please advise which is the correct quantity.Johnston, Judith L
09/20/2016 8:55 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Regarding the MPRB Construction Permit listed in the project documents in attachment C, page 3 of 4, Parkway Closure Notes, note 2, is Godfrey Parkway allowed to be closed on Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. similar to the closure hours of 9:00 a.m. thru 3:00 p.m. on Monday thru Friday? Alternatively would the MPRB allow an extended closure of Godfrey Parkway?Johnston, Judith L
09/15/2016 1:55 PMPROJECT QUESTION: Are there any restrictions on closing Godfrey Parkway? If yes what are the allowable Dates?Johnston, Judith L
09/15/2016 9:12 AMPROJECT QUESTIONS - Submit to Kelly Agosto, Project EngineerJohnston, Judith L
09/14/2016 3:55 PMPROJECT QUESTION: Specification section SB-7 refers to standard plan sheet 5-297.233 for requirements regarding a surcharge waiting period. Is a surcharge required for this project? If so, what?s the duration?Johnston, Judith L
09/14/2016 1:57 PMPROJECT QUESTION: Is there a SWPPP for this project?Johnston, Judith L
09/14/2016 9:48 AMPROJECT QUESTION: The closure duration for the trail is allowed for 8 days maximum for demolition and bridge beam setting, page 16-S. However the trail is being reconstructed as shown on page 43 of 69. How many days are being allowed for trail closure to perform this work?Johnston, Judith L
09/14/2016 9:46 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Regarding S-2.5, since the contractor is not performing any permanent design for this project will the Professional Errors and Omissions Liability policy be required?Johnston, Judith L
09/14/2016 9:44 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Please confirm that the field office and laboratory are not required for this project until after the Get In Gear race, or approximately May 1, 2017, per S-34.4 and S-34.5.Johnston, Judith L
09/14/2016 9:42 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Can the existing bridge plans be provided?Johnston, Judith L
09/08/2016 9:02 AMPROJECT QUESTION: What is the reasoning behind requiring the cast-in-place temporary Type F barrier? Can an anchored portable precast concrete barrier be used instead?Johnston, Judith L
09/08/2016 9:00 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Is the contractor required to demobilize all equipment including the field office and anything in the identified staging area in order to accommodate the Get in Gear Race?Johnston, Judith L
09/08/2016 8:59 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Will a pre-bidding conference be held for this project?Johnston, Judith L
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