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04/12/2016 11:59 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Regarding the 4 inch Walk Special 1 and 2, is the walk special colored, stamped, have a special joint pattern? I see the landscaping plans pertaining to location and layout, but I do not see a detail.Johnston, Judith L
04/04/2016 2:19 PMPROJECT QUESTION: Is the epoxy ground-in striping on the job required to be wet reflective (WR)?Johnston, Judith L
04/01/2016 11:57 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Are bid items 197 install sanitary sewer MH and 203 construct 48 inch dia. Sanitary sewer MH for the same work? Price of materials in 203 and price to install 197?Johnston, Judith L
04/01/2016 11:14 AMPROJECT QUESTION: In addendum #3 you took out the Muck Excavation and Common Borrow Special work out of Stage 1. Which stage do you want this work completed in?Johnston, Judith L
03/31/2016 5:28 PMPROJECT QUESTION: I see you have a manufacturer called out for the gate valves but do not see one for the butterfly valves. Is there a specific manufacturer you are going to require on this project?Johnston, Judith L
03/31/2016 5:27 PMPROJECT QUESTION: Is there a specific type/ manufacturer you have in mind for the 34 inch Perf PVC Arch Pipe?Johnston, Judith L
03/31/2016 5:24 PMPROJECT QUESTION: For the ?Drainage System? pay item it talks about a prefabricated pump station but I do not see a manufacturer called out or any details regarding it? Is there a specific manufacturer that will be required?Johnston, Judith L
03/31/2016 8:40 AMPROJECT QUESTION: There is a note pointing to one of the water services on both pages (below the road, adjacent to the legend on sheet 209 and on the left side of sheet 210), that describes everything included in the water service items. The note explains residential water service (Typ). Johnston, Judith L
03/30/2016 3:36 PMPROJECT QUESTION: Do you know what the existing concrete pavement consists of in regards to reinforcement? It there a rebar mat in the concrete or just dowel bars?Johnston, Judith L
03/29/2016 1:22 PMPROJECT QUESTION: There is no manufacturer listed but it looks like there is a manufacture that makes the pole discussed. If there is another manufacturer that makes a similar product that meets the specs can they be used?Johnston, Judith L
03/29/2016 1:21 PMPROJECT QUESTION: Are there plans to hang anything from the pole (banners, flower pots, etc.)? Johnston, Judith L
03/29/2016 1:20 PMPROJECT QUESTION: Is the 7 inch pole specified in Division SL necessary?Johnston, Judith L
03/23/2016 9:16 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Is the Manhole Sealing quantity (280 EA) supposed to be vertical foot (VF) or is it listed correctly for 280 total structures to rehab (EA)?Johnston, Judith L
03/10/2016 1:42 PMPROJECT QUESTIONSJohnston, Judith L
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