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11/13/2017 2:11 PMPROJECT QUESTION: On plan sheet 23, notes 10 and 11 indicate that alternate items may be used -where silt fence is not suitable-. What criteria are used to determine whether or not an area is -suitable- for silt fence?Johnston, Judith L
11/13/2017 2:08 PMPROJECT QUESTION: How much of the Rapid Stabilization items do you anticipate using?Johnston, Judith L
11/13/2017 2:05 PMPROJECT QUESTION: Is the Category 3 Blanket the only item being used to stabilize permanent restoration?Johnston, Judith L
11/13/2017 2:01 PMPROJECT QUESTION: Is the Category 4 Blanket the only item that will be used to stabilize the surcharge areas and is the intent then to dispose of the blanket when the surcharge is removed?Johnston, Judith L
11/13/2017 1:58 PMPROJECT QUESTION: Are the Category 4 Blanket and the two types of Turf Reinforcement Mat for temporary use only, or will they be used in conjunction with permanent restoration?Johnston, Judith L
11/08/2017 11:06 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Please provide details with anchors shown for the bid item - Geotextile Fabric Special.Johnston, Judith L
11/08/2017 11:04 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Is the bedding under the catch basins and manholes incidental as indicated on sheet 238 of 297 under CB or MH structure offset and bedding since there is a bid item aggregate bedding in the schedule of values.Johnston, Judith L
11/08/2017 11:02 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Please provide a detail for bid item - Water Treatment Type Stand PipeJohnston, Judith L
11/08/2017 10:59 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Bid Item - Water Treatment Type Rock Weeper, is that the same as bid item Filter Berm Type 3 inch?Johnston, Judith L
11/08/2017 10:57 AMPROJECT QUESTION: For the Bid Item - Water Treatment 1 LS, what are the specification requirements for this item. There is no special provision and the standard specifications are unclear on what is included for this item. Johnston, Judith L
11/08/2017 10:56 AMPROJECT QUESTION: For the Bid Item - Water Treatment 1 LS, what are the specification requirements for this item. There is no special provision and the standard specifications are unclear on what is included for this item. Johnston, Judith L
11/06/2017 3:25 PMPROJECT QUESTION: The specifications indicate that the tieback anchors must not extend farther than 80 feet beyond the wall reference lines. Based on the soil conditions at some wall locations, together with the relatively high anchor loads, it is our opinion that some anchors will require the use of 8 inch dia. drill holes to keep the anchors within the specified tieback anchor zones. Note that the anchor head connection provided in the contract documents consists of an 8 inch dia. pipe sleeve. If a larger diameter pipe sleeve is required to accommodate a larger drill hole diameter, the anchor sleeve and pile flange reinforcing would have to be re-designed.Johnston, Judith L
11/06/2017 3:23 PMPROJECT QUESTION: Given the uncertainty in soil conditions, you should probably plan on installing re-grout tubes and re-grouting (i.e., secondary pressure grouting) each anchor.Johnston, Judith L
11/06/2017 3:19 PMPROJECT QUESTION: It is our opinion that there is not enough geotechnical information to complete a final design of the permanent tieback anchors. With the exception of a few shallow hand auger borings at some of the walls, there were no SPT or CPT borings drilled in the tieback anchor zones for these retaining walls. The bond lengths that we have estimated are based on the soil borings drilled along the wall alignment, which may not be representative of the soil conditions present in the tieback zone. We strongly recommend that soil borings be drilled in the tieback anchor zone of each retaining wall to better characterize the soil conditions prior to final design.Johnston, Judith L
11/03/2017 10:19 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Is the reinforcing steel in the CIP Concrete Facing walls to be epoxy coated or plain rebar?Johnston, Judith L
11/02/2017 3:38 PMPROJECT QUESTION: Sheet 253R references these two sheets in the Specific Notes section; however, they were not included with Addendum 1. Please advise. Revised Plan Sheets 245R & 246RJohnston, Judith L
10/30/2017 10:19 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Can the acceptable fiber dosage rate required for the preapproved product Forta Ferro listed in Division SB-6 for structural concrete for bridge decks be reduced from 5 pounds per cubic yard to 4 pounds per cubic yard?Johnston, Judith L
10/24/2017 3:31 PMPROJECT QUESTION: Is there any specifications for the backfill for bridge 10J43?Johnston, Judith L
10/19/2017 3:00 PMPROJECT QUESTION: Are anchors included with the Geotextile Fabric Special pay item?Johnston, Judith L
10/19/2017 8:09 AMPROJECT INFORMATION - Pre Bid MeetingJohnston, Judith L
10/13/2017 9:40 AMPROJECT QUESTION: Could you tell me if you want Type I or Type II RC dissipaters on this project?Johnston, Judith L
10/13/2017 9:38 AMPROJECT QUESTION: There appears to be an error in the quantity for pay item ARCH SURFACE FINISH (MULTICOLOR).Johnston, Judith L
10/02/2017 2:47 PMPROJECT QUESTIONSJohnston, Judith L
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